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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Twelve Teachers

“Fate gives all of us
three teachers,
three friends,
three enemies,
and three great loves in our lives.

But these twelve are always disguised
and we can never know which one is which
until we’ve loved them, left them or fought them.”

~ Gregory David Roberts, "Shantaram"

I have learned so much from my children. I expected to be their guide and teacher, and yet they have taught me more than I have taught them.

I don't have what I consider to be enemies, but those I thought were against me have ended up bringing me gifts that I could not have accepted any other way.

The best part of being over 50 is knowing how everything "turned out" and seeing how all the stories have ended...although no story truly ends, and that is another thing I have learned. We all have ripples that go out and cover the world...and intersect with other's ripples creating the holograms we share as our experience.

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