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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Autism Topic -- Main Posting

I am the parent of a child with Autism.

For practice with keeping a blog, I created another website called "Webster's Musings" at Blogspot to put a lot of the information I have collected about Autism in one place, so that I can give the URL to other parents and teachers interested in Autism treatments I have tried.

If you scroll down on this site, you can click on it in my listing of blogs at the lower right of your screen.

My son went through a treatment program funded through research. At one point I was asked to write down other treatments I had tried, and things I was doing to help his Autism symptoms. This is the original source of that information.

I have used quotes in IEP meetings, and articles on various things I think will help someone working with an Autistic person to teach them and relate to them.

I am linking this blog with that one, instead of moving all the posts to this site because I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Eventually I am only going to maintain this site and will combine the two.

So this site has only a few of my more recent items, but the bulk of the Autism topic postings are at:

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