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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I love giving lots of love to the things I like.

I love gratitude, for instance, even though I sometimes forget how great it really is.

Periodically I post about Ideoform's Favorite Things.

Things that work, things that have quality, things I like, and things I want to share with everyone I know. And sometimes its just things I enjoy doing so you can figure out what I am wasting (ahem) filling my time with.

Bookworm has wormed its way into my daily life. Its like Scrabble, or a crossword puzzle. But its a computer game. There is a free version on their website. Puzzles, brain-teasers and such are supposed to be good for your brain, so I must have an excellent brain. Except it is getting crowded in here with lots of useless information. I wonder if they can tell how much of a big brain is useful and how much is just so much trivia.

I give credit to my son's teacher for introducing it to my family. It helped my son with spelling. He used the program at school during in-between times. At home, he earns "points" for doing chores, and the points convert to money he can spend. He purchased the game for his Nintendo DS and then showed it to me because he thought I would like it. I was almost instantly hooked.

Sad to say, I come from a family that has addiction in it. So the brain pathways are there, and I have had minor brushes with silly things that I get into and then have to drag myself away from... I knew this about myself early on, and so I have completely stayed away from drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Whew!

However, you can't entirely avoid eating, (although I did avoid eating for 24 days straight once, and that didn't work) and so at times I have had to give up coffee, sugar, and all food things made of a white powder. This is generally good advice for anyone, as a white powder can be disguised to look like any other white powder quite easily and you can mix them and nobody can tell until you get very strange side-effects. I think the food industry is really on to something. They figured it out first; white powder = addiction. Then they added it to Coke, and the rest is history.

I found out I am allergic to the white powder that is called wheat flour. And so that white powder nearly ruined my life for almost 20 years because it is literally in everything.

Well, anyway, right now Bookworm has wormed its way into my brain, and I maxed out the game several times at level 47. I have the title of something like "Super Ultra Bookworm" or something like that.

So now you have been warned.

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