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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How can a society change, if people aren't willing to change?

"Why do we depend on leaders for change, while casting a blind eye towards our own personal responsibility towards it?
How can a society change, if people aren't willing to change? "

Change itself is a controversial topic.
I think that sometimes people change tremendously in an attempt to keep things the same.
To uphold tradition, to protect a culture and a native tongue, to "save" what is already changing...

People who do this might consider that to save what you want, you might destroy it by letting the end justify the means. If you are willing to fight for what you believe in, what you believe in can't be Peace, then. Or tolerance of diversity. Or grace and forgiveness.

So then, you say, is there anything of value that is worth fighting for? Well, yes, if what you value is gotten during the battle for it. Sometimes you only learn what is important to you as you are fighting for it. Or fighting for something else.

Fighting for Peace might be an oxymoron, if there wasn't a non-violent form of political action such as Thoreau, Ghandi and Martin Luther King advocated.

Battle can teach the value of peace. Death, destruction, loss and grief can teach strength, resilience and the need for reconciliation, cooperation, forgiveness, mercy, dignity, tolerance and grace. Or not.

The time may come when the direct personal experience of the horrors of war is not necessary to teach us these things. In the meantime, we might find that our battles divide us by those that have learned these human values, and those that have learned their opposite--bitterness, resentment, hatred, vengeance, inflexibility, intolerance, fear and paranoia.

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